Blue Shield Dental PPO

Protecting your smile takes more than just brushing. With a Blue Shield dental PPO, you can get the protection you need to keep your teeth healthy.

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. It’s a form of managed care, which means you save money when you go to a preferred dental care provider. And with the Blue Shield Dental PPO network in California, you’ll have over 17,000 dental care providers to choose from.

What’s Covered?

With a Blue Shield dental plan, it’s easy to take good care of your teeth. And your coverage can make dental care more manageable with your budget.

You won’t have to make a co-payment for:


    • Cleanings every 6 months


  • Oral exams



  • Tooth sealants


And you’ll have Blue Shield coverage for other dental procedures:


    • Cavity fillings


  • Crowns



  • Dentures and bridges



  • Oral surgeries


How Is A PPO Different From An HMO?

If you see a dentist outside the Blue Shield network, you’ll still have coverage. But with a dental HMO, you’ll only be covered with dentists inside the network. Because PPOs give you more flexibility, they tend to be more expensive than HMOs.

Deciding between a PPO and an HMO depends on what’s more important to you, more flexibility or lower cost?

We can help you make an educated decision. Request your free online quotes for our expert advice, so you can find the Blue Shield dental plan to fit your needs.