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Getting health insurance coverage as an individual in the state of California is becoming more affordable and easier to apply for under the Affordable Care Act. This is good news for all Californians, since on January 1st, 2014 all legal residents of California will be required to have health coverage or face some repercussions. BenefitPackages.com Insurance Agency is here to make it easy for individuals who need to find the individual health coverage plan health insurance plan that is right for them. We provide needed information and online tools so that you know the options for affordable health care coverage that is available to you and how to go about getting it.

There are many ways to apply for your new insurance plan and many more will be available as 2014 approaches. California’s health insurance exchange system, also known as “marketplaces”, will soon be available online, allowing you to easily compare plans, calculate expected costs (and credits!), add extra benefits, and more to find the affordable health insurance coverage that provides you with the best coverage for your situation at the lowest possible cost. To get started right away you can fill out a health insurance quoteor contact us directly with your questions. We are also available by phone for any immediate assistance.

Your new health plan will now include, by law, a series of Essential Health Benefits that provide a range of coverage for you most common health care expenses. These items include basics such as doctors’ visits, maternity care, hospital stays, prescription services, ambulance care, and other medical necessities.

To help cover some of the costs of your new health care plan, government subsidies, tax credits, and other types of federal assistance are available to those who quality. For individuals this means that if you make less than $15,000 a year you may be eligible for Medi-Cal assistance. If your employer does not offer a company health insurance plan, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Learn about other financial options by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions section, or check out our Instant quote form to see how much you could possibly save on your individual health coverage policy.