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Health insurance in California certainly has a flavor all to its own, because the state has long been at the forefront of consumer based reforms. For example the latest maternity mandate, Senate Bill 222, will make maternity care mandatory for all individual California health insurance plans this coming July. Additionally, California legislators have already made clear that the MLR (medical loss ratio) requirement that is part of the Federal Health Reform Act will be made state law if in fact the federal bill is overturned.

The Federal bill that passed March 23rd 2010 kicks in this October and requires health insurance carriers to rebate consumers if their claims and administration costs were less than 80% for individual or small group plans or 85% for large group. Carriers such as Blue Shield of CA. have gone a step further with their 2% pledge. Blue Shield is crediting policy holders a percentage of their annual premium if they make more than 2% after claims, administration and income. The last credit that was issued in October 2011 was 30%.

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The reason the state of California can easily implement this requirement is the simple fact that it won’t cost the state any money, unlike the other components of the Federal Health Reform Act. Blue Shield of CA is a not for profit organization, but other carriers like Anthem Blue Cross have competitive rates. California has some of the most competitive prices for health coverage in the nation.

For California seniors who have Medicare, there are many options. Medicare Supplements can fill most or all of the gaps from Medicare. Additionally there is another good option for seniors called Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans often have low or no monthly premium, making them an attractive option for those looking for California Medicare. To help navigate the murky waters of Medicare, Larry Hurwitz of has created a flow chart to help consumers plot a clear course to follow.

California in particular and the United States as a whole have undergone many changes in healthcare over the years and is here to help make sense of the changes. This site is a resource for individuals, families, & seniors to turn to for the latest information to make an informed healthcare decision. President Larry Hurwitz, a second generation insurance professional, has been providing healthcare solutions to Californians for twenty-five years. Please contact him at 800-356-3615.