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Individual Health Insurance

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Premium Assistance in 2021 
is now available to higher income earners!

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California has implemented a penalty of at least $750 per adult for not having insurance.


 Additional Medicare Monies for 2021 have allowed many Medicare plans to offer richer benefits. Some even reduce the Majority of your Part B Premium.

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Small Business Health Insurance & Worker's Comp

Rates are standardized for Small Groups defined as 1-100 employees but the right broker can save you money. Did you know that pairing specific Workers' Compensation and health insurance carriers can get you maximum discounts?

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Covering Your Employees

Earthquake Insurance

The last Big One was in 1857 and they come every 150 years, meaning a 7.8 magnitude or higher striking along the southern San Andreas fault. There’s a 72 percent chance of a major Bay Area quake by 2043

Don’t be caught without coverage! Scientist agree that "The Big One" will eventually hit California. We consult with you to make sure your Earthquake Insurance coverage doesn't leave you and your family exposed.

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Home & Auto Insurance

We offer a full-service home and auto insurance review. Let us make sure you are receving all of the discounts you deserve while keeping you whole.

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Worker's Compensation & Business Owners policy (BOP)

Do you know that Pricing for your Workers Compensation Rates can have a +- of up to 50% from the base rates? This doesn't include large potential discounts based on both your health insurance carrier and industry associations. Let us see how much money you can save by letting us work with you several months before your next renewal. Does your BOB cover "open perils" do you have coverage for electronic media and records? Do you have Earthquake coverage attached to your BOP?

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