Important decisions should never be made alone. Let help you make one of these important decisions, buying the right health insurance plan. When buying insurance you want to make sure you’re selecting the plan that best meets your, or your dependents needs. As a young individual you may want to find a plan with a lower deductible, given that you are healthy and may not need to visit the hospital that often. If you have a family with young children you might want to consider a plan with more flexibility to suit the needs of everyone in your household. The Affordable Care Act has helped to bring down the cost of buying insurance while also making the marketplace easier to navigate, but let us help you take the last step in the process by using a few of the informative tools we provide.

Did you know that you may qualify for a tax credit towards your insurance purchase? Depending on your income and what health services you desire, you may even be able to take advantage of an insurance subsidies and other health programs offered by the State of California. Small Businesses are also able to apply many of these money saving method to their employee’s group insurance coverage, but certain restrictions may apply.

To answer many of the basic questions about the new health insurance changes we’ve set up a Frequently Asked Questions section. Additionally, our glossary of health insurance Terms and Definitions will help demystify any uncertainty about specific language you may have come across. Check out our other pages for Seniors and Individuals to learn more about what insurance coverage will mean for you.