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Tonik Health Insurance for Active Lifestyles

If you are something of a daredevil and love extreme sport or outdoor adventures, a Tonik health insurance policy could be the right insurance option for you. Tonik health insurance plans include cover for chiropractic care as well as physical rehabilitation, so if you have a higher risk of personal injury due to your hobbies, it may save you a substantial amount of money in medical bills if you sign up for a Tonik insurance policy.

Who can Obtain Tonik Health Insurance?

Anyone between the ages of nineteen and twenty-nine can take out a Tonik health insurance policy. The Tonik health insurance plans include free blood work as well vision and dental benefits – this provides a truly comprehensive insurance solution for those who are young and are starting out in their chosen careers. The Tonik health plan is available in three different tiers, each having its own deductible and basic insurance rate.