The California Health Insurance Exchange is Your One-stop Shop for Coverage Uncategorized

The California Health Insurance Exchange is your one-stop shop to learn about your options for insurance plans available through the Affordable Care Act. Through the Exchange, you can find coverage for individuals, families, and small businesses. In addition, you are able to compare plans between providers, obtain free quotes, and sign up for the type of coverage you desire.

Even if you already have an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, it is still worth your time to see if this plan is comparable to the new plans. In certain cases, you may be able to sign up for new coverage if your current plan does not satisfy all 10 essential health benefits, or if you are paying more than 9.5 percent of your income towards coverage. Some of the state’s leading health insurance companies have plans available through the California Health Insurance Exchange.

To sign up for coverage, you do not have to visit the federal government’s website in California, because the state has its own Exchange. Because the state has its own Exchange, selecting your coverage is simple and easy. You are also able to avoid having to deal with the problems and issues other people are experiencing through the federal site. The Exchange provides access to the same features found on the federal site, including a tax credit calculator, FAQs section, and a terms and definition section. Further, you can find out the differences in plans available for individuals, families and small businesses, right through the Exchange, as well as see whether you could qualify for tax credits and other available incentives.