In California Shop for Insurance Using the State-Run Health Benefit Exchange Uncategorized

One advantage California has over other states in getting people to sign up for insurance, as required by the Affordable Care Act, is a health benefit exchange. While California is not the only state to have their own exchange, there are many that do not. As a result, people in those states have to face the problems plaguing the government-run website. You may wonder what the difference is between state-run exchanges and the government website.

In states which offer a health benefit exchange, like here in California, you are able to compare plans, rates, and choose the coverage you want, without having to access the federal site. All insurance plans on state-run exchanges feature all of the 10 essential health benefits. Further, you have the same access to options like dental and vision, as you would if you directly attempted to visit the government site. It should be noted the government site re-routes visitors to their own state’s exchanges, when there is one available.

Whether you have existing coverage, need coverage, or want to see if your current plan stacks up to the new ones, your state’s exchange has all of this information. You are also able to consider a wide range of conventional plans offered through private insurance companies, when you do not qualify for Medicare or Medi-Cal programs. Private insurance plans give you the option of deciding whether to pay premiums fully out of pocket over the course of the year and receive your tax credits later, or take advantage of tax credits, now, to lower your monthly premium amounts.