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PPO Health Insurance in California

There are many health insurance options open to Californians, but PPO insurance provides the type of flexibility which many prefer. A PPO or Preferred Provider Organization policy provides cover for medical services within a wide network of medical practitioners and establishments, while also providing some cover for out-of-network services. These plans also do not require that members obtain referrals in order to see a specialist. They do, however, have marginally higher premiums than HMO plans.

HMO Health Insurance in California

Many Californians choose HMO insurance in order to benefit from lower premiums. Although it is more difficult to change your primary doctor when on an HMO plan, this is not a major inconvenience for many people, and HMO or Health Maintenance Organization plans are popular choices for families. You can find detailed information on both PPO and HMO insurance plans via your insurance brokers’ website, and can see individual deductibles as well as the benefits provided by different options.