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Find a No-cost Anthem Medicare Supplement

Those who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage health plans have the option of using a private insurance provider’s Part C option instead of the standard Medicare benefit package. This is useful, as it provides Medicare members with a means for personalizing their health insurance to ensure that all their needs are covered. A no-cost Anthem Medicare supplement can be obtained if you are already eligible for Part C cover, though there are also low-cost options offering additional benefits.

The Freedom Blue Plus Anthem Medicare Supplement

While Freedom Blue Classic and the Freedom Blue Plan 1 are two Medicare supplements that are available at no extra cost, the Freedom Blue Plus plan costs a nominal premium of $31 per month. The added benefits offered by this plan include lower ambulance and doctor fees as well as more extensive for chiropractic care and other medical services. You can download comprehensive electronic brochures which will provide you with detailed information about individual options.