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California Medicare – Zero-cost Packages

California Medicare participants who have met the requirements for Medicare Parts A and B have the freedom to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans provide members with the freedom to choose an alternate benefit package to the standard package provided by Medicare, and since there is strict control in place which ensures that private insurance providers match the standards set by Medicare, it is possible to obtain additional benefits at no extra cost through a third-party Medicare supplement.

Obtain Extra California Medicare Benefits at Low Premiums

If you are on California Medicare and cannot afford an expensive private health insurance policy, you can always find a convenient solution halfway. A Medicare supplement plan which includes a prescription drug benefit can be obtained for as little as $31 per month and this can help you to afford the medical necessities which would otherwise be a major drain on your financial resources. You can read detailed information about various options and their features on your insurance brokers’ website.