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California Individual Health Insurance Options

If you live alone in California and you want a health insurance package that will provide adequate cover for a range of medical services, there are a number of excellent options available. Blue Cross Tonik plans are good low-cost options for younger Californians, who may have modest incomes and require lower premiums. These plans include chiropractic benefits and free blood work. For seniors, Anthem Blue Cross offers packages such as Freedom Blue.

California Individual Health Insurance – PPO and HMO Plans

There are two main types of health insurance plans that can be obtained in California. Individual health insurance can be obtained via a PPO or HMO plan. With an HMO plan, members are required to select a primary practitioner whereas in a PPO plan, members are free to use any doctors within a preferred network of service providers. Most HMO plans do not require members to pay a deductible, while in a PPO plan a set annual deductible must be met. Detailed breakdowns of the differences between these plans can be found online.