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Blue Cross Tonik Health Insurance

Many young adults have recently qualified in their chosen fields and are still navigating the unpredictability of short-term contracts. Those who are young and are living on a modest income need health insurance which provides an adequate level of cover without requiring exorbitant premiums. Blue Cross Tonik health insurance provides an excellent solution, since these low-premium plans offer low co-pay for doctor visits and premiums starting at only seventy Dollars per month.

Blue Cross Tonik Health Options
There are three categories of Blue Cross Tonik health policies available. The cheapest is the ‘Thrill-seeker’, a plan that has a $5, 000 deductible and co-pay of $20. The other two offerings are the ‘Part-time Daredevil’ and the ‘Calculated Risk-taker’ plans, which provide lower deductibles, at a higher monthly premium. All three health plans provide cover for chiropractic care as well as physical or occupational therapy, so if you live a fast-paced active lifestyle, these plans may be especially suitable.