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Anthem Blue Cross – the Shield Network

Anthem Blue Cross is one of California’s oldest health insurance providers, and provides millions of Californians with affordable health insurance options. Anthem Blue Cross and the Shield network work in tandem to bring Californians cheaper doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs and more, and members of Anthem’s plans have the freedom to choose between many medical service providers who are part of the Blue Shield network. This enables members to save money while retaining the freedom to use trusted medical professionals.

Anthem Blue Cross – A Shield against Financial Misfortune

News of an unexpected medical complication or condition can come as a major shock to a person, and the added shock of a large doctor’s fee or hospital bill is unnecessary when affordable health insurance is available. Anthem Blue Cross can shield you from financial misfortune at the hands of your health, and there are many insurance options which have low premiums and reasonable deductibles. In-depth information on individual plans can be found online.