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Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance for Students

It is not only the elderly who require health insurance that can accommodate modest incomes – many young professionals and college students cannot afford full spectrum medical insurance, and require simple solutions that are cost-effective and feature-rich. Anthem Blue Cross offers the Tonik health insurance plans, which are available to those between the ages of nineteen and twenty-nine. In addition to cover for doctor visits, the Tonik health plans provide added discounts on many health-related services and products.

Anthem Blue Cross Cover for Seniors

In addition to great plans for younger risk-takers, Anthem Blue Cross offers affordable insurance cover for seniors who require benefits such as prescription drug cover or cover for in-home care. There are many different options for seniors available, and if you are a senior or have a parent or other relation who is eligible for a senior policy, you can have a look at electronic brochures for Anthem plans, and can easily compare options.