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What is Clear Protection from Anthem Blue Cross?

The Clear Protection PPO insurance plan is a relatively recent addition to the catalogue of insurance plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross. Clear Protection is a basic plan, which includes two doctor visits per year, as well as other benefits. You can find a guide to Clear Protection benefits online, which provides full details for all of the plan’s benefits. The plan is available in three categories, each having a deductible of $1000, $3300 or $5000.

Clear Protection and Anthem Blue Cross Premiums

With Clear Protection, Anthem Blue Cross provides members with extensive benefits at lower premiums. In addition to the base cover provided by this new insurance offering, members have the option of adding dental care or life insurance benefits at an extra premium. This provides the flexibility for members to choose the combination of benefits that will provide them with the level of security they feel is necessary, and also enables members to have some freedom in choosing how much they spend on their health insurance.