Medicare Supplements for Mature Members of Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross is dedicated to caring for members at every stage of their lives. Mature members who already have Medicare may want to carry additional insurance to supplement their current health benefits. Blue Cross of California provides numerous types of supplemental insurance plans and they are discussed below.

Plan “F” This supplemental insurance program is the most popular because all covered Medicare benefits will be paid at 100%. This program not only covers your 20% Medicare Part “B” liability but also both your Part A and Part B deductible. Additionally, if your provider doesn’t accept Medicare assignment Plan “F” will cover the excess charges. For good measure Plan “F” also has a Foreign Travel Emergency Benefit of $50,000.

High Deductible Plan “F” This supplemental insurance includes low monthly fees with a $2,180 deductible with the same benefits as traditional plan “F” Once you satisfy your $2,180 deductible everything will be covered at 100%.

Plan “N” This supplemental insurance is also very popular since the premium is a bout 1/3 less than Plan “F’ and also covers the Part A Medicare deductible as will as your 20% Part B charges. Once you satisfy your annual Part B deductible ($147 for 2015) you’re only responsible for a $20 Copayment. Plan “N” also has a Foreign Travel Emergency Benefit of $50,000.

Plan “G” This supplemental insurance program pays everything Plan “F” pays: minus your Part B deductible. The premium savings in our opinion doesn’t justify this loss of this benefit.

Plan “A” This supplemental insurance is built for the price sensitive consumer. A little less money than Plan “N”, plan “A” does covers the 20% of your allowable Part B Medicare charges, but unlike Plan “N” your Part Medicare Part A deductible ($1,260 for 2015) isn’t covered. Additionally, your Skilled Nursing coinsurance & Foreign Travel isn’t covered either.

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